Thursday, 13 November 2014

Fox News is “like a horror show”

An interesting segment from Huffington Post TV with Viggo Mortensen, about media consumption, Fox News, and seeking out alternative viewpoints:

Mortensen discusses the difference he sees between right-wing and left-wing radio:

“so-called left-wing radio, it’s generally talking points as well, but I think there’s more of an effort to deal with facts, even if there are sins of omission and so forth on the left as well; but it’s generally not as brazen a form of lying as you get from Fox…”

Interestingly, he was asked the Obama administration. It’s always nice when a celebrity, not known for being politically active, shows that they are engaged with the facts and can articulate their opinions without regurgitating vapid sound-bites they’ve heard or read in the media. Obama, he says, “is as much as a hawk” as every other president, Republican or Democrat…

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