Saturday, 17 May 2014

New Feature: “Upcoming, Noteworthy Books…”

This is going to be a new feature for Politics Reader, and one I intend to run quite frequently. This blog has been sadly neglected, of late. Partly, this is because my day-job requires far more effort and attention to be paid to fiction (specifically, SFF), which has meant my non-fiction reviewing time has dropped a little bit. I have not stopped reading and working on politics and history texts, though. In fact, I have about six books that still need reviewing. What’s extra frustrating is the fact that they have all been excellent – a rare string of brilliant books that have been sadly neglected…

Anyway, I’ve been running a series of posts detailing recently acquired books for my fiction website, but for some reason I never thought it would work on here. That will now change. Given that it takes more time to read and review a non-fiction book properly, this will allow me to draw readers’ attention to books that will be coming out soon that I think are worth your time and attention. Where possible, these posts will be followed up by reviews as soon as possible. I’ll focus on books I’ve received, but I will also post occasional information on books I am looking forward to. They won’t always be new books, although newer titles will most likely dominate the coverage.

The first post in this series will go up in a few minutes. And after that…? Well, I hope you find these posts useful, and that they help you discover non-fiction books that will be of value and interest to you – whether academically or otherwise.

Watch this space…

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