Thursday, 21 November 2013

Your One-Stop Paragraph for Analysis of and Commentary on Paul Ryan’s Latest Political Hypocrisy… (Or, “The Benefit of Online Mass Media”)


Ah, happier days for the Chuckle Brothers. [Credit: Getty, via Telegraph]

In Alec MacGillis’s latest piece for The New Republic, he offers a perfect one-stop paragraph containing… well, links to everyone else’s analysis of the former Republican Vice-Presidential candidate’s recent attempt at political reinvention. Specifically, his apparently epiphany that there is poverty in America, and that government is not doing enough to alleviate the situation of too many Americans. Here it is:

“As the Washington Post reported yesterday, Paul Ryan has removed himself somewhat from the partisan battleground of the movement to focus on a higher calling: fighting poverty.  Jonathan Chait, Kevin Drum and Jared Bernstein have already taken their crack at this latest turn by the Ayn Rand disciple whose famous budget plan would eviscerate food stamps, Medicaid and other spending on the poor. But one more word needs to be said on this: a defense of Mitt Romney.”

MacGillis goes on to share a number of quotations (and relevant links) for those times when Paul Ryan himself articulated much the same message that Mitt Romney appeared to broadcast whenever he… well, did anything.

The Week also covered the story, with Jon Terbush’s piece “Why liberals aren’t buying Paul Ryan’s new anti-poverty crusade”. As the standfirst pithily notes: “On the one hand: Ryan’s stated desire to fight poverty. On the other: Every budget he’s ever proposed.” His budgets have, of course, often articulated policies that would actually have disastrous effects for the nation’s poor – cuts in food stamp programs, income support, and more, in order to finance the typically myopic Republican fetish of tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

MacGillis jokes (maybe) that Romney must have actually acquired his 47% mentality from the various statements of Ryan’s that suggest he, too, sees most Americans as entitled, lazy takers. Well, if this story is any indication, it would also appear that Ryan has developed Romney’s utter lack of media awareness, and that if you say something, the internet will remember.

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