Tuesday, 8 October 2013

National Weather Service gets Subliminal about Shutdown

I caught this over on the eclectically-excellent io9.com, who picked up on it from the Washington Post. I thought I’d share it, as it’s an example of levity and cheekiness that rarely come together in a political news story.

The National Weather Service is continuing to work, unaffected by the US Government Shutdown. But, 3,935 NWS employees were kept at their desks during the Shutdown – “by far the organization with the most employees excluded from a possible shutdown.” Unfortunately, the employees, who “forecast the weather, issue warnings, support radar, satellite and other weather monitoring, and are involved in computer model operations”, aren’t actually sure when they might next get paid.

In this environment of confusion and no-doubt frustration, an enterprising scamp at the NWS’s Anchorage office decided to express the general displeasure through a hidden message in the Forecast Discussion. Here’s the ‘evidence’:


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