Friday, 20 September 2013

A Fascinating Photo–Modern Technology Meets Modern Warfare

I spotted this on The Atlantic’s website, as part of their photo-essay “Non-Chemical Warfare: Violence Continues in Syria”. It’s a superb shot, not only for the access the photographer had, but because of what it shows – a mortar team using an iPad to help them set up their shot (or “lob”, really, given how mortars work). I find it fascinating that the combatants have adapted the iPad to their battlefield needs – I can’t say for definite how specifically they are using it (perhaps some sort of angling app?), but… Well, it’s just a great shot.


Photo Credit, from Atlantic: A member of the ‘Ansar Dimachk’ Brigade, part of the Asood Allah Brigade which operates under the Free Syrian Army, uses an iPad during preparations to fire a homemade mortar at one of the battlefronts in Joubar, a suburb of Damascus, Syria, on September 15, 2013. (Reuters/Mohamed Abdullah)

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  1. Looks like its being used as a "gunner's quadrant" to adjust the angle of fire.
    Mortar bombs usually come with a "range table" that will give the range (meters or yards) for a given angle and charge (number of bags of propellent attached to the bomb fins)