Sunday, 11 November 2012

Dark Money & the 2012 Election

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A lot of people have spoken/written/pontificated about the impact of Dark Money in US elections – many on the left trumpet the fact that it “didn’t work” this time around (after all, President Obama was re-elected). But... what if it actually did have an impact? What would the results have been without the injection of billions of dollars of Super-PAC money? Would the demographics have been different? Would President Obama have won more of the White Male vote?

If there were fewer ads trumpeting his Kenyan-background, Nazi-Communist [sic] policies, would people have been able to form a clearer picture of what each candidate, and especially the President, actually stood for?

In the clip above, they discuss Karl Rove, and I thought it would be interested to include this link, to the breakdown of his American Crossroads Super-PAC finances/operations.

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