Saturday, 27 October 2012

“China is… just ripping our heart out…”

… except when it’s making my new clothing line. Donald Trump really messed up on Letterman, and the host managed it very well.

Rachel Maddow’s show yesterday started with a clip of Donald Trump on Letterman, in which Trump continues the ever-idiotic political discourse on China.

Just watch the first couple minutes. It’s a good example, also, of the hypocrisy of the rhetoric (not that this should really be much of a surprise for anyone any more). It’s also interesting that China as an electoral issue (trans: punching-bag) has actually managed to stick around – usually, it’s a one-or-two-day story before it just fades away.

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The segment moves on to Mitt Romney’s Jeep lie/gaffe/ignorance (delete as appropriate dependent on your views).

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