Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Is this technically “News” anymore?


In case that text is too small::

“Mitt Romney’s newest attack on President Obama is over a Republican idea that was supported by Governor Mitt Romney.”

This is something that has happened quite a bit over the Obama presidency – as the Democrats move more towards the centre and even, on occasion, to the right of centre (or, the right of Old Centre, perhaps), President Obama has found himself in a position in which he’s supporting formerly Republican position and proposals, while the Republicans and conservatives declare the idea to be socialist and a desire to destroy America (adjusting down for hyperbole, there…). Just one more example in which we see how the Republican leadership has no interest in governing and is solely interested in defeating Obama by any means necessary.

Here’s the clip on the Welfare reform attack (presented by Alex Witt, standing in for Lawrence):

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