Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Last Word on O’Reilly’s Muddled Gun Control Position

Just wanted to share a segment from Lawrence O’Donnell’s The Last Word (July 25th episode), in which the host looks at Bill O’Reilly’s muddled recent coverage of the shooting in Aurora, Colorado and what should be done about gun control. It’s presented in O’Donnell’s signature, snarky style (which doesn’t really do anything for me), but there’s some good coverage and commentary:

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  1. I was passing by the tube last night in the living room and he was talking to Adam Carolla about the victims fund and how a million dollars wasn't enough for WB to donate blah blah blah. 1st of all...we don't KNOW how much they donated to the fund because neither the people managing the fund, nor WB will SAY how much WB donated except to say it was substantial.
    2. Who CARES? It's nobody's business but WB's how much they choose to donate and to castigate and verbally flagellate them because you don't feel it was enough, that they SHOULD have donated asinine. not to mention arrogant as hell.

  2. I think, ultimately, Papa Bear is finding it difficult to rationalise his pro-gun, anti-liability stance with... well, reality.

  3. *shrug* neither the studio, the directors or the actors, or the theater are liable in this case. It's not their fault Holmes went off his rocker.
    His mother it could be argued, probably only weakly I'll admit, was at least partially at fault. from some of the stuff I've read she knew he was coming apart at the seams.

  4. Really? I didn't know that. I know he was in therapy before hand.
    I think Warner Bros., DC and Bale's response to the incident have been great, and far above and beyond what they "should" have done.