Sunday, 22 July 2012

Romney’s Personal Olympic Rescue

I’m glad someone’s actually talking about this, now – Matt Taibbi (I think – it could have been Tim Dickinson) wrote about Romney’s “rescue” of the Salt Lake City Olympics months ago, and it’s been driving me nuts that everybody is just swallowing Romney’s word hook, line and sinker.

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The fact of the matter is, Mitt Romney was only able to save the Salt Lake City Olympics by getting a huge loan from the Federal Government (it wasn’t all in response to 9/11, either, as some people have been led to believe – the vast majority came before it). Not only that, the debt was transferred across to the Government, too. This is just another example of “successful market capitalism” as it is practiced by oh-so-many Republican “successful market capitalists” – with the help and safety net provided by the Federal Government.

America’s political, historical and factual amnesia is becoming extreme. Something has to be done about this, and I think the media has definitely dropped the ball.

It is not “partisan” to state fact. It is not “partisan” to point out when a politician – Republican or Democrat – has either missed something, distorted something, or misunderstood something. They don’t have to editorialise it, if that’s what they’re afraid of – there are ways of phrasing and framing facts as… well, facts:

“Candidate/President/Congressperson X said this. However, records suggest that this is false.”

“X claimed Y said this. However, research has not found any evidence of this.”

“Romney claims he’s a Rand-ian, market capitalist. However, the record shows he’s everything under the political and economic sun.”

See? There are ways you can do this…

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