Thursday, 12 July 2012

“It’s all about jobs, jobs, jobs!” Except when it isn’t…

The Republican-controlled Congress have now tried to “fake repeal” Obamacare THIRTY-THREE times. Now, I use the word “fake”, because that is exactly what these votes are – the attempts to repeal are purely symbolic stunts. That is all.

Here’s Rachel Maddow on the bizarre, counterproductive behaviour from the Republican caucus:

The clip also has some interesting information about the Affordable Care Act, which has frankly been all-too-thin on the ground. Yet another great segment from America’s best news presenter/commentator. Also, Representative Peter Welch (D-VT), who is interviewed in the segment, provides some important points about Republican shortcomings in the healthcare debate – where are their alternatives? The simple fact of the matter is that they don’t have any.

One problem, of course (again mentioned in the clip), is the fact that the most successful Republican-created healthcare ‘alternative’ was… Romneycare. Which Candidate Weathervane has washed his hands of, despite its popularity in Massachusetts.


UPDATE: More “Proof” it’s Not all about “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” (12/7/2012)

Rachel Maddow has long been pointing out how the Republican Congress and national Party are more interested in pandering to their base than helping fix the economy, and here’s a graph that speaks volumes:


Now, imagine if they were investing as much energy into fixing the economy, rather than legislating on something like this…

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