Thursday, 12 July 2012

Chips are down for London Olympics

This is a rather funny story. It also highlights some incredibly restrictive sponsorship terms, which nevertheless retain a wonderful British twist.

As many will know, McDonalds is a huge sponsor of sporting events – from World Cup Football/Soccer, to the Olympics. Never mind that it’s fast/junk food and connecting it to sports, which are played by some of the healthiest, fittest people on earth – if there’s a big sporting event, the chances are McDonald’s golden arches will be somewhere.

The London 2012 Olympics have apparently run afoul of McDonald’s strict sponsorship terms. Specifically, the right to sell chips (or “fries”) in official Olympics catering venues. It is apparently not allowed. Except in one situation…


I must say, I love that there is a loophole for Olympics Catering to sell chips only in combination with fish. Fish & Chips are, of course, quintessentially British, and the notion of barring that dish from the plates of Olympics spectators would be quite horrendous. At the same time, the idea that only McDonald’s fries can be served in official Olympics catering venues… That’s ridiculous.

[I found this story via Brian Fung’s story on The Atlantic. This is where I got the image from, too.]


  1. *headshake* geez. Mickey D's can kiss my fundament. I haven't eaten there in YEARS. I actually prefer Wendy's fries anyways. They actually leave the skins on when the slice the potatoes. Okay that an Arby's curly seasoned fries.

  2. Never had Wendy's...
    Leaving the skins on we call "wedges" in the UK. Really good with garlic sauce...