Friday, 6 July 2012

“China’s Doormat”?

China enters the presidential election, again. This time in a way that is oh-so-familiar.

According to the Rachel Maddow Show clip below, the Obama administration has gone after China’s mercantilist policies at “twice the rate of the George W. Bush administration”. The case used in the clip is of the $189,000+ Jeep available in China – a result of massive tariffs Beijing has slapped on the vehicle.

Nevertheless, politics has entered the discourse, in a really weird way. Despite the Obama administration “being confrontational toward China in a way no modern administration has ever been”, Mitt Romney is calling the administration “China’s doormat”. It still amazes me that Romney’s message is such a damned mess and divorced from reality, and the fact that nobody can seem to make it stick or have a lasting impact on the race or even on Romney’s behaviour.

Here’s the clip:

TRMS last night actually had two segments related to China, the second about a strange, apparently Chinese community rally in support of coal ash. This one’s rather amusing:

The segment ends with some good commentary on the role of the energy industry and anonymous political donors.

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