Friday, 8 June 2012

“Is it fair game…?”

There seems to be a running meme among news media outlets about whether or not Candidate Mitt Romney’s business record is “fair game” in the election. I do not understand why this is a point of discussion or even in question. Mitt Romney is running on his business record (distancing himself as much as possible from his executive record as Governor of Massachusetts). Therefore, it is absolutely fair game. If a candidate for any electoral office is putting a specific skill or experience at the centre of their argument for being the best candidate, then how could it not be fair game and relevant? Also, while we’re on the subject, his record as Governor of Massachusetts is also absolutely “fair game”.

This seems to be yet another example of mindless press coverage, and the mainstream media picking up on and running with a Republican/Fox News whinge (that it’s unfair for Obama to actually examine Romney’s record and point out where he failed or has weaknesses – especially when they, you know, use facts ‘n’ stuff).

So, yes. It is absolutely fair game. Just as it’s absolutely fair game to examine and analyse President Obama’s record on both foreign and domestic policy.

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