Thursday, 24 May 2012

A Test for the American New Media

I really liked this segment from yesterday’s Rachel Maddow Show, in which our host takes a look at Jay Carney’s surprising moment of… well, emotion, when he addressed the Washington Press Corps and told them, effectively, to do their job, to not just parrot whatever new Republican or Right Wing talking point they get fed – it’s a nice moment of someone in politics legitimately wagging a finger at a news media that has become rather lazy in its reporting.

To this end, Rachel offers the news media a test. She points out that Candidate Romney claims that, by the end of his first administration, were he to be elected, he would bring unemployment down to 6%. Even though two weeks before, he said anything over 4% would be an Obama failure. As Maddow points out, projections suggest that unemployment levels are already on their way to hitting 6%. This almost suggests that Romney’s plans are either to do nothing new, or to just maintain Obama policies… And that Obama’s policies are probably working. I’ll let you be the judge about what the truth is.

Here’s the clip:

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