Friday, 18 May 2012


I know I’ve been hammering away at how disappointed and frustrated I am with Candidate Romney’s inability to stick to a coherent ideological message, but come on:

“I’m not familiar, precisely, with exactly what I said, but I stand by what I said, whatever it was,” Mr. Romney said.

Seriously? Paul Waldman, writing for the American Prospect, said the above comment is “what happens when you're obsessed with proving that you aren't a flip-flopper”,

“There are times when you can just see the wheels turning in Mitt Romney’s head, as he cycles through the possible responses to a question, realizes there really is no good one, then spits out something that sounds like the least bad answer possible. It’s almost sad.”

Waldman finishes his post thus, which I thought was spot on:

“you can be sure that no matter the winding road he has traveled to arrive at the place he is today, Mitt Romney believes what he believes and stands by what he says. Whatever it is.”

Should America no expect more from someone running for an office that definitely requires you to remember what you believe? Because, after all, you’re supposed to be fighting for what you believe, to make it true for America? How is that even remotely possible, if you don’t know what you believe? Or is it, as I suspect, just a case of Candidate Weathervane being so obsessed and in love with the idea of being president, that he just doesn’t care as long as he gets to live in the White House, ride in the Beast and Marine One, and get a portrait and library?

Frankly, I think the longer this campaign goes on, regardless of the outcome, Candidate Romney is just going to continue to disappoint and water-down who he is. This is extremely depressing, and is a massive indictment against the US political system.

Now, imagine what happens if he wins? There will be no genuine politician again – he will have proved that being spineless, opinionless, and positionless is a politically sound strategy.

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