Monday, 21 May 2012

Drezner on Weathervane’s FP

Dan Drezner – a professor at Tuft’s University, blogger for Foreign Policy, and author of Theories of International Politics and Zombies – has been deconstructing Republican primary election foreign policy pronouncements for the past six months, and had thought that “this horse has pretty much been beaten to death”. Now, however, following Candidate Romney’s op-ed piece for the Chicago Tribune, Drezner “fear[s Romney] and his campaign have crossed the line from really stupid foreign policy pronouncements to logically contradictory ones.”

“I really like his first paragraph... and then we run into a whole mess of problems.”

The problems are four-fold, and take a look at Romney’s comments regarding NATO, North Korea and China; a “revanchist” Russia; Romney’s doubling-down on “free-rider logic”; and some confusion about Romney’s prescriptions (which even I thought sounded prosaic and meaningless, and I tend to give politicians some benefit of the doubt). Drezner’s response (“Is it unreasonable to expect simple logic?”), offers a good, pithy deconstruction of Romney’s piece (as well as plentiful links to statements, past comments, and so forth). His conclusion is, in a nutshell:

“That’s it?! Really?!”

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