Wednesday, 25 April 2012

“No reason” to graduate with debt…?

That’s a quote from an AMERICAN Congresswoman! Apparently, she thinks it’s unreasonable for students to graduate with high amounts of debt – not recognising that university in the United States is insanely expensive, and that for the majority of those who attend have to take out loans in order to make tuition payments and living expenses.

I may be able to see how a UK student could graduate from a UK university without debt (this will be less likely once the fees hike kicks in), but given the cost of even in-state tuition in America, that is out of the price range of a good number of Americans. Unbelievably dense statement from that Congresswoman.

Oh, and Candidate Weathervane has again switched a position – just keep watching to the end of the above clip. He was for freezing student loan repayments rates at the low rate, but only after he was against them, and when only the Republican voter was his audience. The sound of flip-flops will get ever-louder now that Romney’s sown things up. It’ll be like it’s summer on a boardwalk.

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