Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Takin’ Away Everyone’s Freedom!

Ah, here we go with some more Republican hypocrisy. Obamacare, currently being debated in the Supreme Court (when they’re not discussing broccoli), has been described as a type of tyranny, as it forces people to buy something they apparently don’t want – taking away the “last shred of freedom”.

Now, I’ll admit to having my own concerns with the way the administration tackled the healthcare issue. I still think costs should have been attacked before any form of mandate – it’s apparently the biggest reason people don’t have health insurance, and by going after that as an issue, President Obama and the Democrats would have been able to blunt the paroxysms for “FREEDOM” that we are seeing today, by arguing that making it cheaper across the board would have allowed more Americans to afford to buy their own healthcare. Then the President could have started working on the mandate. As it was, there’s really no wonder the ultimate Obamacare plan had support from health insurance companies – they were being guaranteed tens of millions of new customers.

“Republicans want the government out of healthcare” (from clip below), and don’t want to be told what medical procedures people have to have, they don’t want the government to force people to buy or pay for things they don’t need or want… Except in the case of women’s health – then, the loudest (but probably not majority) Republican opinion seems to be, “it’s ok to force invasive transvaginal ultrasounds and more” on women, because… well, because we don’t really understand girly-bits, and they aren’t allowed to decide on how they deal with their own health. Only a large number of old men are allowed to decide!

“Don’t make us buy a product we don’t want to buy”, Senator Ron Johnson has begged. Get your party to practice what you all preach, please.

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  1. What can you say? Just total hypocrisy.
    One point though - the government forces people to buy car insurance so that if you hurt someone they are covered. With healthcare, if someone has an accident and has no insurance, they go to ER at the local hospital - which means, one way or another, the rest of us are forced to pay for them. What about our freedom from having to subsidise the uninsured?