Monday, 13 February 2012

I love it when Presidents do stuff like this…

… because it’s something you can’t disagree with. You can’t politicise it. You can’t be ‘for’ or ‘against’ it. Or, if you are any of these things, then you’re a heartless, unimaginative moron. This is a photo of President Obama from the recent White House Science Fair, pumping air into the “Extreme Marshmallow Cannon”, which was designed by Joey Hudy.


(Photo Credit: Kevin Lamarque/courtesy Reuters)

There’s no secret that I am unfailingly pro-education (I have three degrees, people) of the practical and the book-learnin’ type.

Thanks to James Lindsay’s The Water’s Edge blog post, which is where I pinched the photo from. (It’s a good politics and foreign policy blog, I’d recommend it to anyone interested in those things.)