Friday, 4 November 2011

Romney “as consistent as a human being can be”? Seriously…?

Another startling example of Romney’s inability to grasp the nature of modern technology and its ability to drag up evidence of your flip-floppery. Does he really believe this stuff, or is he just so disconnected from reality, living in a bubble of yes-men and sycophants? Or, perhaps worse, does he have memory problems?

It’s a long clip, but the first half is about Romney, the rest is about Perry and Cain (every time I type that, I almost at a “Mc-” at the beginning). Romney’s continued disconnection from reality is troubling, seeing as he is going to be the Republican nominee (probably), and his naked ambition and willingness to sell-out on every issue to court the supposed-important, utterly nutty party base… well, I don’t think anyone should want someone who exhibits no courage of any convictions that are perceived as politically unsafe.

America does not need a president who only has the courage of his ambitions.

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Update: Here’s another clip about Romney’s flip-flopping and anything but consistency on important conservative/political issues – this time from Lawrence O’Donnell’s Last Word, from last night’s show (Thursday 3rd):

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