Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Book Signing: President Clinton, “Back To Work” in New York

Just wanted to share this photo – this is one of the best book acquisitions of the year, certainly. I’m a big fan of President Clinton – reading his books, and also about his time in office. His was the first presidency that registered with me: I was only nine years old when he was elected in 1992. When I was in Los Angeles, I volunteered for his Global Initiative anniversary concert at the Hollywood Bowl (perhaps the best night of the trip out West), and today I was able to properly meet the former President – albeit, as part of a considerable queue of people in New York who lined up to buy a signed edition of his new book, Back To Work.


It’s unfortunate he didn’t have time to personalise any of the signatures, but this is still pretty awesome for me – someone who is fascinated by the presidency and the men who have held that office. Not only that, I wrote quite a bit about his presidency and foreign policy in my recently-completed thesis. In fact, as part of my conclusion, I suggest that a couple of the criticisms (from Richard Haass) of his foreign policy may, in fact, be the best way for America to approach its relations with the rest of the world: “case-by-case-ism” and “a la carte” foreign policy – it’s tied into my arguments for a more pluralistic approach to international relations.

This was well worth the two-hour wait in a line that wrapped around two sides of the block. I’ll read and review the book as soon as I get a chance, so watch this space.

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