Saturday, 8 October 2011

Weekly Standard… What?

I wanted to share a pull-quote from the latest issue of The Weekly Standard, because it has left me utterly confused, and maybe someone can explain it to me. The quote is from Matt Labash’s cover story of this issue, about the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Before I get to the quote, however, this is the cover image presenting an oh-so-balanced characterisation of the Occupy Wall Street movement:


(Thousands of people there, but of course this is the true face of the Occupy Wall Street movement, not the eloquent guy they didn’t let on Fox... See below for that.)

Right, to get to the point. Here’s the pull-quote that has made me wonder if my education has missed something rather fundamental:


The Canadians are responsible for “most trouble in the world”, eh? Seriously? Canadians?!

Labash seems to think that the power of a Canadian anticonsumerist magazine, Adbusters, is so great that it can spur such protests across the United States. He then goes on to say that the movement, apparently started by Adbusters (this is the first time I’ve ever heard of this magazine), “for the most part organically mushroomed”, which to everyone else would suggest that it had strong resonance with the people taking part in the protests.

However, this is not the worst part of the article. The worst part of this feature is that Labash admits to doing something that would lead me to fail any of my undergraduate students for doing: citing Wikipedia. On the second page of the article (page 24 of the magazine), he says that he drew on Wikipedia sources. For anyone writing for The Weekly Standard or any major newsweekly, this is disappointing and frankly unacceptable.

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  1. Open your mind! The Canadians have been behind all of history's ills: The Great Plague, The Great Fire of London, the French Revolution (those Quebecois again!!), and let's not forget the Two World Wars - they were in both long before the USA. QED.