Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Al Franken's Floor Speech on Debt Ceiling

He seems to be getting into the swing of making longer Senate speeches (I think it was Matt Taibbi who wrote about the experience of listening to Senate Floor Speeches being one of the most soul destroying and boring things ever...). Unlike many of his colleagues, however, Franken shows in his speeches the same attention to detail and intelligence that he included in his books (especially in The Truth: With Jokes).*

He makes some very good, backed-up-by-evidence-and-statistics points about the deficit, Republican tax cut fetishism, the GOP professed desire to cut the deficit to save America's children (but at the same time, cutting most of the programs that benefit children), and many of the other issues that have swirled around the debt ceiling debate. A very good speech.

* I still hold that Franken is so much better at politics and commentary than he is at "satire", which often falls rather flat.

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