Thursday, 19 May 2011

Post-Submission, Not What You Want to Read…

Since submitting my PhD thesis to the university, I’ve been catching up on the reading I’ve missed while finishing and making the final edits and so on. Via an article by Dan Drezner, I came across a mass-review in The Nation of twelve recently-published books about higher education, written by William Deresiewicz, a former professor at Yale (the review also appeared in the print-version of The Nation May 23rd 2011, pp.27-34).

On the very first page of the review, I came across the following:

“At Yale, we were overjoyed if half our graduating [PhD] students found positions. That’s right—half. Imagine running a medical school on that basis… that’s the kind of unemployment rate you’d expect to find among inner-city high school dropouts. And this was before the financial collapse.” (p.27)